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Little Bunny: FooFoo (NO DPS) (PC ONLY)

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Little Bunny FooFoo is here to be cute and cozy while also being magical and dancey! A comfy girl with also some fun particles.


  • Tank Top on/off
  • Hoodie on/off
  • Pants on/off
  • Dress on/off
  • Feet Particles on/off
  • Hands Particles on/off
  • Body/Floor Particles on/off
  • Overall Hueshift


  • Unity 2019 (DO NOT use the creator companion, it breaks the dissolve)
  • VRSDK (included)
  • Poiyomi 8 Toon (included)
  • Avatar Package (included obviously)

If you run into any issues please join my server and make a ticket! I will help and answer as fast as I can!

Lyric's Void


✩Sales from my Avatar shop are final and nonrefundable

✩You are allowed to make edits of my avatars BUT DO NOT claim my work as your own

Please have some basic Unity knowledge when purchasing my avatars

DO NOT give out this package or any of its contents

DO NOT upload any of this packages contents as public

DO NOT give to your friend to upload/edit/etc for you

DO NOT upload the contents of this avatar to any other account other than the one provided at purchase

✩You are allowed to use this model for content (youtube, tiktok, twitch etc)

DO NOT resell the contents of this package

DO NOT take parts off of my model and reuse them on other models, personal or commercial, purchase the original asset from the original creator


Snail's Soft Kiss Head

Zin Fit Base

String Dress

Sadi by Nessy! - by Nessy!#7402

Bunny set - miruu

Core Hoodie - hoeyume#5516

Shoes - Loveisevil#4139

Comfy Top and Panties - Peachanas

Baggy Pants

Simple Rings - B o o#8584

Choker - tomtomas#7560

Body texture by Wylo#8483

Particles - Kisu

Eye Textures

Head Texture made by me!

Special thanks to everyone who has helped me, taught me and stood by me while learning how to make avatars!

Especially my good noodle Furry_Narrator for modeling with me <3

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Avatar Unity Package, Poi, VRSDK


Little Bunny: FooFoo (NO DPS) (PC ONLY)

0 ratings
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